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Our Mission
EROS in Love Dating & Marriage for Singles (and Couples)!

EROS = Exploring Relationships, Ourselves & Sex

Have you ever wondered if there was anything you could do that would help understand yourself or the thoughts and feelings you have about love, sex and relationships? How about understanding the opposite sex? This group is for all of us who want to understand the SCIENCE behind why we act the way that they do in life and relationships. This includes men AND women (whether married or single) in our30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond! Each class offered will build on the knowledge from the prior classes but can stand alone as well. The more you go, the more you'll know! You'll learn TOOLS and strategies to really rock your love life and have healthy relationships!!

Most classes will be FREE or very inexpensive (to cover the rental of the space or the fee of guest instructors). We'll see if the group would like to do potlucks so we can meet over dinners to not only save time and money but create more community as well.

Some classes will be designed for women to better understand themselves and what they have to offer in relationships. Trying to be everything to everyone gets exhausting. Women really start to shift in their 40s...they become more confident and take less guff. A lot of times this leads to divorce. (A majority of divorces are initiated by women.) Some KEY education is missing. What if we can help you either as a newly single woman understand the men you're dating or as a wife to better connect with your husband so you don't want to divorce?

Some classes will be designed for men to better understand women and what they both have to offer in relationships. Trying to be everything that everyone wants you to be gets frustrating. Men really start to shift in their's biological. By the time this happens, your relationship may have already ended in divorce and now you have to learn a whole new way of life....and maybe you didn't even see it coming! Some KEY education is missing. What if we can help you either as a newly single man understand the women you're dating or as a husband to better connect with your wife so you don't want to divorce?

Some classes will be designed for couples. It is ideal for couples experiencing levels of stress and conflict, couples struggling with a lack of intimacy, poor communication, parenting concerns, pending empty nesters. This group is designed to rekindle or reignite that flame that was burning so bright and has lost its glow. We will help you learn the tools needed to restore or maintain intimacy, better communication and the loving relationship you once had together.

Some classes will be designed specifically for singles and some for anyone whether in a relationship or not. This is SO exciting to have this education opportunity in Spokane!!! :) One of the most important things we will learn about is our masculine and feminine energy-- everyone has both. This info is SO important and JUICY but normally we don't get any training on it...until now! This education will knock your socks off and explain so many things (about yourself, your gender in general, and the opposite sex) that were a mystery to you. <3

Why Eros? He is the god of LOVE!

Join Us!!

It's free to become a Meetup member (go to to sign up.)  Then join our group at:  We love that people here are looking for personal development opportunities!

Check out our EROS Facebook page for inspirational posts!

Possible Topics We'll Be Covering For Singles and Couples:

Masculine and feminine energy,
writing online profiles,
let's talk about sex baby!,
tools to communicate effectively and respectfully,
practice communicating,
how to date,
getting professional photos taken for profiles,
different online options,
setting boundaries,
getting your needs met,
waltzing vs disco (in relation to the dance of relationships),
hiring a matchmaker,
differences between pre- and post- menopausal women,
differences between pre- and post- andropausal men,
either reigning in your expectations or expanding them,
building your "non-negotiables" list,
what is tantra?,
bringing romance,
being romantic,
having FUN,
singles groups to join,
personal coaching,
lifestyle choices,
learning about things like trusts and life insurance to provide for children/family,
rebuilding your finances after a divorce or breakup,
parenting classes,
AND SO MUCH MORE JUICY STUFF!!!! You're going to love it! <3